Director and owner, Wendy Foster, is IFAA certified with over 20 years of experience in the appraisal and restoration industry.

Types of appraisals include:

  • Insurance Loss / Replacement Value
  • Estate Probate
  • Resale Purposes
  • Division of Assets

Types of property for appraisal and restoration:

  • Fine Art Pieces
  • Residential Contents
  • Collectibles
  • Decorative Art & Items

The Fine Art and Frame Company offers valuations as well as appraisals

Valuations are short, over the phone, verbal estimate of the possible current market value of a piece of art. These take less than an hour to complete. The client will not receive any paperwork. At a minimum, we require a high quality photograph of the full work, front and back, as well as a close up photograph of the artists’ signature and any documentation of the artwork that may be present.

Pricing: $75.00 / first piece or $200.00 / hour for multiple pieces.

Request a Valuation 970.490.1001

The time to complete an appraisal varies and involves more research. It can take up to a month to complete a full appraisal. The client will receive paper and digital documentation of our research and the estimated current market value. It is preferred that we see the artwork in person, however it is usually possible to complete an appraisal with a high quality photo of the full piece, front and back, with a close up image of the signature along with any documentation of the artwork available.

Pricing: $150.00 / piece

Request an Appraisal 970.490.1001

Depending on the level of cleaning desired and the age of the artwork, the time to complete an art cleaning will vary. An estimate may be given upon seeing the artwork.

Pricing: $75.00 / hour

Request Artwork Cleaning 970.490.1001

Time to completion will vary based on the level of damage and how involved a repair may be.

Pricing: $95.00 – $150.00 / hour based on difficulty of repair

Request Artwork Restoration 970.490.1001