Perpetual Peace by Shima S.


“Perpetual Peace” by Shima S. is an original encaustic painting.

Original Encaustic Size: 36 x 36

Giclee prints available upon request.


“Perpetual Peace” by Shima S. is an original encaustic painting with impressionistic elements. This ancient Greek process uses beeswax and fire, creating unique textures and colors. Natural elements, such as the mountains, sea and sky, have inspired Shima’s encaustic paintings.

Creating this type of painting involves mixing colors and applying heat to color, either on the substrate (canvas, wood, etc) or on a hot palette. During this process, many specialized techniques are used, resulting in unique works by each artist. Encaustic painting is a fascinating process – read more on this museum’s site, here.

Product Details:
“Perpetual Peace” by Shima
Original Encaustic Size: 36 x 36
Giclees are available. Please contact us for pricing: (970) 490-1001
For sale at The Fine Art and Frame Company – online or in our Fort Collins gallery!



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