“Have you ever wondered what type of art top interior designers have in their home? Here is your chance to find out! This month we talked with Pam Sunderman of Pam Sunderman Design in Fort Collins, Colorado.

How would you describe your personal style in your home?
My home feels very Colorado with a commanding stone fireplace and lots of locally sourced materials used in the construction and finishes. But, If I had to truly describe my style within this space it would be very Wabi Sabi. I love collecting and displaying time-worn artisanal pieces that have a beautiful imperfection about them.
Pam Sunderman
Tell us about your favorite piece of art…is there a story behind it? 
I’m going to bend the rules here. Instead of my favorite art piece, I am going to share my favorite place in my home. It is a gallery wall in our upstairs hallway. I’m a big fan of negative space… meaning that I like to leave some walls blank, and not fill up every available space with stuff. But I do love to incorporate an epic gallery wall in my designs. In the case of my home, I have several treasured original artworks from Thailand where I lived when I was a little girl. My mother did an outstanding job of curating a beautiful collection of paintings, carvings, textiles and furnishings while we lived there. I have supplemented that collection with additional textiles and carvings from subsequent trips back to Thailand. Almost every room in my home has at least one piece from Asia, but this gallery wall is the heart of the collection. I’ve also mixed in family photos, and other cherished artifacts, all which makes me feel like this place is truly the soul of our home.
What suggestions do you have when clients are considering artwork for their home?
Don’t rush and don’t compromise! If you are just starting out and building an art collection, don’t rush to put something on an empty wall just because you feel that you have to. Wait until you find pieces that really speak to you. One of my favorite quotes by Interior Designer Billy Baldwin says “Stick to the things that you really love. An honest room is always up-to-date.” One of the things that I most appreciate about working with the Fine Art and Frame Company is their sourcing skills, creativity, and patience as I work with my clients to find the pieces that feel like home to them.

Thank you to Pam Sunderman for taking the time to share with us! Pam is Designer/Owner of Pam Sunderman Design and can be reached at 303-579-6335 or pam@pamsundermandesign.com or visit her website at www.pamsundermandesign.com.