To Gallery Wrap or Not to Gallery Wrap? That Is the Question

"One popular trend in the art world today is gallery wrapped canvas. In this month’s blog we will take a look at what gallery wrapped canvas is and should you gallery wrap or not? Gallery wrap simply means the canvas has been stretched and secured to the stretcher bar on the back of the frame. [...]

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Gardening is an Art!

"G ardening” is an Art!  Let's dig in! The Fine Art and Frame Company is pleased to partner with Amoeba Art Collective located in The Fine Art & Frame Company showroom in downtown Fort Collins.  The Amoeba provides a wide array of creative classes and workshops with local artists and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Ranging from painting [...]

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Fine Art Substrates

"S ubstrate” simply means the base material onto which art will be printed, painted or created. Its Latin prefix sub-, "below", refers to a layer under something else. Let’s take a look at a few common substrates used with Fine Art. Canvas Canvas is a closely woven, heavy cloth of cotton, hemp, or linen. Cotton canvas is the most common and least expensive canvas available in different [...]

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Learning More: Wendy Foster on Art Restoration

How long have you been restoring art? FAFC Principal, Wendy Foster, started restoring artwork 20 years ago, when she first opened Indigo Gallery in Fort Collins, CO. It began when clients started bringing in damaged pieces – chipped or broken frames, damaged art – and she repaired them. Repairs turned to full-on restoration… Wendy has [...]