One of the best parts of working in the art industry is seeing the results of a project. Large or small, residential or commercial, the end product is always the most rewarding. Custom framing is certainly no exception to this rule.

Framing adds a finished feeling in any space, but most importantly, the right framing brings out the life in any piece of artwork or photograph. Recently, a client brought a water color painting to us for framing and helped make their home a more beautiful place. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“We are so pleased – happy – delighted with the piece that we brought to The Fine Art and Frame Company – the quality craftsmanship in the frame – the generous help that we received picking out the matting to the suggestions we got from Wendy with the colors, was beyond more than we could have asked for. the piece is going to be in our home for many years to come and we will always look at it with a smile on our face. Thanks you very much, Jim and Cheryl.”