FAFC also specializes in custom framing using a variety of classic, contemporary and modern styles. We have one of the largest selections of frame in the Northern Colorado area and we understand how vitally important custom framing services are to the overall results you and your clients are seeking.

Our in-house professional framing facility has the capability to handle large volume orders and we work closely with our skilled framers to ensure quality control for each piece. Each frame is an expression of our commitment to high-quality design and craftsmanship.

Charcoal Large Scoop Structura

Size: 3 1/2″
Code: UNI P4825

Silver/Black Ornate Ornate

Size: 2 ¾”
Code: UNI H8209

Black Distressed/Gold

Size: 4 ¾”
Code: UNI H7446

Black Distressed/Gold

Size: 3 15/16”
Code: UNI H7445

Black & Silver Reverse

Size: 3 3/8”
Code: UNI 203-323

Sherwood Espresso

Size: 3 1/8”
Code: UNI 031-500

Sherwood Walnut

Size: 4”
Code: UNI 030-700

Sherwood Grey

Size: 4”
Code: UNI 030-600

Aged Pine Coffee

Size: 3”
Code: UNI 024-500

Aged Pine Black

Size: 4”
Code: UNI 022-800

Bronze Large Scoop Structura

Size: 3 ½”
Code: UNI P4725