Executive Pastor Scott Kissel decided to work with us on something very special for his daughter.

An Art Story 2Scott’s daughter is just finishing up her senior year of High School and he wanted to make a memory that would last forever. They climbed the 14’er, Mount Bierstadt, here in Colorado and spent some quality time talking about family, art and life. His daughter is an artist, photographer to be exact, and we helped Scott find a piece by Paul Berger to give to her to remember their special day together. Scott’s goal was “for her to take this piece with her to college and to always remember our Father/ Daughter climb, outing and the nuggets of life we will share to always be lodged in her heart and mind.”

Below is Scott’s daughter and ‘Blue Vintage Bike’ by Paul Berger and above is a picture of the father and daughter before their climb.

Many thanks to the Kissel family for including us in this lovely memory!